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6 Solid Reason Why Choose Dropship Ecommerce ?

Low Startup Cost

According to reports, 82% of businesses fail due to cashflow issues. Another major challenge entrepreneurs face is startup funding, but with dropshipping, this barrier is either removed or greatly lowered.

Zero Stock

One of the major investments in running a retail business is buying stock and keeping inventory.

No Need Warehouse

Storage is a major issue for small retailers but not dropshippers.

Low Running Cost

Dropshipping can be done from home in your PJs, from your smartphone, tablet or PC; you save on office rent.

Your're The Boss

Not only are you the boss, you equally don’t have to share space or cubicle with nosy or noisy coworkers. Being the boss of your business means you're totally responsible for outcomes, which will require your best input.

To Work Anywhere

A dropshipper can operate from California, ship from suppliers in China and deliver to customers in Nigeria without moving an inch, just by moving computer mouse.

24/7 Online Sale Man
Your website is your 24/7 Online Sale Person, it works for you even when you are asleep.
Not Only Are You The Boss!
You equally don't have to share space or cubicle with nosy or noisy co-workers.
Never Except To Wear PJ To Work!
Dropshipping can be done from home in your PJS, from your smartphone, tablet or PC; save on office rent.
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Zero Inventory Cost
With Dropshipping, on the other hand, all you need is the product images on your website. Stock images can replace actual stock, isn't that cool?
Market Price E-commerce
An average market rate to establish an e-commerce (webs developer course) range from USD5,000 - USD12,000.
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Fluctuating Trends

You know why tech giants like Google and Facebook are so great of a business? Well, it was nothing, just that the owners discovered ideas before they became trends that everybody would copy. They also adapt to the current needs of people. Well, the same goes for dropshipping, but it can be a deterrent if you’re so particular with your niches.


We get it, there are various intricacies and processes that go along with website creation. Despite having the best strategies for selling, you can still get discouraged to push through due to having no knowledge on the subject matter.


This is probably the most prevalent hindrance for any business. You can have the means to start selling, yet fear would still overcome you. Fear of failure is common, and we understand it.


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